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I do solemnly swear to represent the people first before any corporate lobbyists, so help me God.” You now have my oath and word to be your “of the people, by the people, for the people” Representative in Congress. Your “watchdog” to ensure transparency in our Federal Government because it is ours.

If you are accused of a crime and cannot afford a lawyer, you’re provided a court appointed public defender free of charge whether you’re guilty or not. I will fight to ensure every citizen be provided affordable health care or free, when you cannot afford it. Health care should be a right in taking care of our people. After all, we send our troops to die for other people, but we don’t want to take care of our own right here. Build more hospitals here, not in Afghanistan.

Military Personnel and our Veterans

Advocate on behalf of the Active Duty, Reserves, Guard, Veterans, and our War Wounded to preserve and improve your benefits and compensation. Just as important, fight to keep you out of unnecessary wars and nation building in other countries. We’ve spent over two trillion dollars and counting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq was based on a falsehood and we got Asama Bin Laden through a quick action Special Operations Force with a few of the best. He’s gone. Why are we still in Afghanistan chasing ghosts? Bin Laden attacked us, not the Taliban.


Work with local and state governments to improve our K-12 schools and build new ones to ease overcrowding. Also, advocate on behalf of teachers to increase their pay. Our children deserve great facilities and teachers. For those children that want to go on to college and cant’ afford it, we must help get them there. They could be our future doctors and nurses that give back by volunteering to take care of the poor who don’t have good health care opportunities. Oh, by the way, in the hospitals we build here. We should encourage a better educated people and help those who want it. What are we afraid of? And remember parents and grandparents, we must be actively engaged too in helping our children. We just can’t rely on our teachers and better facilities.


Advocate for and introduce legislation for term limits. Some Members are so focused on themselves and staying in Congress for life that they lose sight of the needs and issues of the people they represent. You, we the people, will be welcomed through the door of our office on Capitol Hill, not the corporate lobbyist, trying to make money off from us.

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